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Jacqueline C. McDaniel, Founder & CEO JCMMarketing &Management

  Our goals to provide a high quality services that will assist you
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JackieTrust® services are:
JCM, Consulting and Marketing-supporting for youth and families
Stuff&Stock, wealth building for youth
AllS.I.D.E.S.of Financial Literacy, LLC- financial literacy support
for youth and adults

 Build Generational Wealth

When my nephews were born I promised their parents that I would buy the boys meaningful gifts.  My definition of a responsible gift was one that was educational and had value beyond the event.  I gave them non-fiction books, educational games, an eco-system, fancy-smancy bubble machines, event tickets, a life-sized teepee for backyard outings and a host of other well intended gifts.

Unfortunately, I was not on the West coast to celebrate their every Christmas or birthday but when I was there it was always a massive overflow of gifts to the point that the children sometimes appeared overwhelmed.  Inevitably someone would comment on the amount of toys, games clothes, sporting goods, electronics, etc. that the kids received and state how much they are loved.   It is true that they are loved and adored.  However, I honestly don’t think they have any of the gifts bought for them five years ago. I dare think that if they still have a gift that it is no longer a fan favorite nor can they recall the gift giver.

I did not see the presents as problems but as an opportunity to provide a service that counteracted passing along gifts that eventually become landfill; and instead give the gift of inspiring a young person you care about to develop strong financial literacy and business acumen.

I still take interest in buying young people meaningful gifts but now my definition is a simple gift that has the ability to change their lives.  After years of researching, planning and refining the process with friends and business colleagues, I launched a brand that specializes in teaching smart money skills to children and adults. 

Money management is a vital life skill that is rarely taught and it is my life goal to make a difference in this regard.

JCM Marketing & Management Entities

Consulting and Marketing  studies company profiles and operations to understand their market needs.

Stuff&Stock® is designed to help you think about earning passive income

AllS.I.D.E.S.of Financial Literacy, LLC is a 501c3, and offers financial literacy workshops (AllSIDESof).

Stuff&Stock® offers a consultative service that can help teach young people financial literacy skills.  Adults learn how to give tangible gifts connected to shares of a company’s stock, which helps to educate youth and young adults about how products can translate into corporate profits and building their wealth.  A reality-based gift approach that has been proven to spark a young person’s interest in business and investing.
AllS.I.D.E.S of Financial Literacy workshops instill financial literacy skills and build wealth opportunities for youth and adults. The age and interest appropriate workshops encourage participants to become engaged in their financial capabilities and helps to build a solid foundation for life. This reality-based approach has proven to spark an attendees interest in money managing and investing.

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